Flat Panel TV Installation

Place the TV on the wall with no visible wires for a modern elegant look.
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Surround Sound Installation

Bring the luxury of active surround to encapsulate the listener in the action of the movie/ game.
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Speaker Wiring

Quality sounds need quality wiring. Our 62 strand copper helps deliver the music to your ears.
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Digital Projection Systems

Projector screens give you beautiful cinema quality in the comfort of your own home.
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Flat Panel TV Installation
Professional Installers
Our experienced installers understand the layouts of homes and the best ways to place TV’s to ensure the best viewing quality in each room.

Bigger is Better!
We supply and install equipment for all TV sizes 13″ and up.

Need a TV?
We carry industry leading brands such as Samsung, Toshiba, Sharp, Hitachi, Pioneer, Panasonic and Mitsubishi at great prices.

High Quality Cables
Don’t be scammed with overpriced cables. We carry a variety of high quality cables at a budget friendly price.



Speaker Wiring
New or Existing Home
Prewire your new home or wire you existing home with high quality speaker wire giving you a clean crisp sound from all of your speakers.

Inside Speakers
Our reputation and buying power gives us the ability to offer the best quality speakers for your money.

Outside Speakers
Our experts will help you choose the best speaker for your needs to ensure that you are getting the correct speaker for all outside applications.

Sub Woofers
Pump up the bass with our selection of powered sub woofers. Choose from a wide selection to give you a thundering sound in any room.


Surround Sound Installation
Enhanced Sound
Enhanced sound production provides sound from 360 degrees

Increased Experience
Experience entertainment at home by creating an optimal environment for your favorite content

Bring the Action to Life
Surround sound brings your entertainment to life, putting you in the center of the action

Clearer Sound
Improve the clarity and reality by using discrete sound



Projection TV Installation
4k Available
High quality images featuring 4k available

Larger Viewing Area
Most projectors can project an HD image up to 300″ diagonally

Cost Effective
Least expensive per diagonal screen size

Clear Images
Outstanding contrast ratios

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